Packing Tips: The Top 10 Best Travel Packing Tips

While choosing the perfect luggage can be an adventure in and of itself, packing your luggage is downright an art form. Pack things right, and your vacation will be an easy breeze of light luggage. Pack things wrong and it will be a misery of excess baggage charges, strained muscles and cursing at the bewildering logic that led you to pack 5 suits for a beach resort getaway.

It doesn’t matter where your destination is, whether you are going on a trip to look for ipoh property or going for a beach getaway. Your luggage bag is not a limitless black hole. Do think about what you are bringing with you and whether you need it or not. Whether you are packing for a carry-on or a checked-in bag, when it comes to making the choice between what to leave and what to bring, the old adage “less is more” applies well.

1. Bag the Right Bag

These days, travelling light is the way to go. Unless you can’t travel without taking every single thing that you own, bring only the essentials that you need. It doesn’t matter if you swear by the durability of a hard-shell suitcase or insist on the extra pliability of soft side luggage. Either way, the key idea is lightweight and thoughtful design.

Keep in mind that your bag should be light enough when it is empty, so that it will still be easy enough to hoist overhead into the cabin baggage compartments without needing too much strength. The bag should err on the safe side of any standard carry-on size. Do remember to double check your bag dimensions before buying it to avoid any unwanted situations of forced check-in.

If you must bring a long a larger check-in bag, do remember that the bigger your suitcase the more you will put in it.

2. Do Double Duty

You might think your carry on has limited space, but fret not! It is possible to fit two weeks’ worth of clothing into a carry-on bag. All you need to do is make duds to double duty and carefully curate the items of clothing that you pack. You can turn ten items of clothing into 14 outfits if you plan it out properly. The key is that each article of clothing must be able to be worn with any other in your collection. 

Build a foundation of neutrals, i.e. black t-shirts, blue jeans, a white shirt, or khakhi slacks. Then add in pops of color in the form of sweaters, blazers or collared shirts. You can mix and match different combinations for variety. Layout everything you need on the floor and edit ruthlessly. Get rid of anything that is in the ‘just in case I need it’ category.

3. Compression and compartmentalization is key

Compression may be what makes the difference between fitting one weeks’ worth of clothing into your luggage or two. Look into compression bags. They might just be the one travel gadget that isn’t a gimmick. You can also utilize space saves and organizers to compartmentalize your items. Not only does it make everything orderly and organized, it helps save you a ton of space. 

4. Curate the footwear

You only have two feet, so keep your footwear to a minimum. In general, three pairs of varying styles of footwear should accommodate all your needs. Pack one casual pair, one athletic pair and one dress pair, and wear the bulkiest pair on board the flight. You can tailor this rule to your destination. For example, if you are going for an island vacation, you can substitute the dress shoes with flip-flops.

Pack your shoes with the soles facing the side of the luggage bag, going around the edge of the bag and leave the space in the center for clothes and other pliable items. Stuff stocks, undergarments and any other small items into the shoes to maximize space. This helps the footwear keeps its shape, and lets you use all available spaces including the small crevices.

5. Reduce gadget glut

We live in an age of gadgets galore. This however, can be cumbersome and unnecessary, especially since one smartphone can now do the job. Instead of bringing along an iThis and iThat, load up your smartphones with music and entertainment and leave the rest of it at home.

Bring along a couple of things you may need on your journey, such as a camera (if you like taking photos), power bank (to provide some needed juice during moments where you can’t find an electric source), or laptop (if you need to bring along work with you).

Don’t forget to bring a worldwide adapter plug. Otherwise, you might find yourself with tons of gadgets, but no way to charge them.

6. Tote tailored toiletries

Security regulations have relegated toiletries and grooming products to limited travel-size containers. So, leave behind the luxury items. You can expect hotels to provide lotion, soap and shampoo. Toothbrushes and toothpaste can be bought at your destination. If you do need to bring along some other personal items beyond the essentials, they can be placed into travel-size containers.

7. Go Sans Wrinkles

Ironing is such a chore, so forget about it on your travels. Reduce the need for ironing by keeping suits and other ironed clothing in plastic dry cleaning bags. When your luggage is jostled around, your garments will slide safely around in the bag and will be as smooth as it was when it was packed. If you have the budget, you can even splurge on clothing that is more resistant to creasing and hence fewer wrinkles such as a pure wool travel suit.

8. Pack Backup

If you must pack contingency items into your luggage bag, do make sure that they don’t take up the space needed for other essential items. Make sure the backup items you bring with you truly serve their purpose.

For example, you can pack a lightweight duffel that can be folded to occupy minimal space in your carry-on. If you go on a shopping spree, the bag can be filled with the items one inevitably acquires abroad and check in on your return journey.

9. Maximize Rule Allowances

Most airlines will allow passengers to have one carry-on plus one personal item (as long as it fits under the seat in front of you). Take advantage of this opportunity and bring along a backpack that can carry all your flight essentials. Electronics and chargers, valuables and travel documents should be kept here for easy access and added security. Keep the bag light so that you aren’t bogged down by extra weight when running to catch a flight or a fast-moving taxi.

10. Think tetris

The best way to fit everything into one bag, other than compression, is to fill every inch of space. You can take advantage of packing strategies such as rolling your clothes, using packing cubes or even try the bundle technique. These strategies help you maximize your space and reduce clutter.

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